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There are lots of techniques and methods for creating 3D models using 3D application software. Also I offer Building Information Modeling (BIM) for specific type of projects.

  • Data
  • Planning
  • Modeling
  • Export


Texturing originally referred to a method that simply wrapped and mapped pixels from a texture to a 3D surface. A texture map is an image applied to the surface of a shape or polygon.

Specially texturing for games is maintain a high level of detail without extra geometry. The best way to keep the quality high, while staying withing your budget, is with textures.


The process of creating 3D animations

According to the need of my clients, there would be walk-through camera motion path for showing the Model (Interior or Exterior scenes), or realistic animations of civil and industrial projects.

There are many parameters which is necessary to consider before starting 3D animation process. The time needed to complete a 3D animation process depends heavily on the complexities of the project.

Real-Time Rendering

It would be amazing to see and interact your entire parts of your projects in a realistic and virtual reality environment. All the materials, textures, lighting, and etc are implemented in the real-time rendering environment.

How about changing materials of the project staff, turn the lights On and Off and many other interactive things? Now, my clients can experience many varieties of materials, models, lights and etc. inside the project even before constructing it!

For creating this interactive 3D virtual simulation of my client's projects, there are some factors that need to be considered before starting the real-time project:

  • Clean and Metric size of 3D Model is needed
  • All the textures and materials would be created carefully
  • The controllers of the real-time interactive 3D scene need to be set
  • Packaging and exporting the project for needed platforms