HelLo! I am Modelsaz

My name is Ali Dehghanian Nasiri (Modelsaz is my brand name). I’ve been working with 3D application softwares since 2003. Hopefully I realize how to do various Architectural, Civil and Industrial 3d projects as follow:

  • 2D & 3D Sketching First
  • 3D Modeling Next
  • Materials, Lighting & Rendering
  • Creating Meaningful Animations
  • Real Time Architectural Visualization

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My History

I Have long Background

My Journey Started

For the fisrt time I started to learn 3ds Max when I was 20 years old.

Further Modeling

I just realized that I would be much more focused on architectural modeling.

Writing & Teaching

I started to write many books and also teaching 3D modeling softwares.

First Modelings

Simple and basic models of all categories, but most modelings were just practices.

Industrial & Civil

Hmm, that was a lot of fun to learn Rhinoceros 3D and Autodesk Infraworks.